Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Is In Full Swing

Sigh! The lazy days of summer are gone. Fall has descended upon us in a hurry, and time seems to be flying by! Halloween is forgotten and Thanksgiving is nearing us. I have been so busy with kids/school, birthdays, anniversary, appointments, knitting, and getting together with friends that I have not posted. So I have posted some pictures of what I have been up to.

Pretty isn't it! That is the Mendocino Coast. These pictures were a short walk from the cabin my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary in, last month! It was a very nice weekend filled with wine tasting, window shopping, and nice dinners. Remember This?

How about now?Yes I finished the NobHill Shrug from Knitty. I have lots of left over yarn, so a hat and possibly a scribble type shawl maybe in the works. I also finished spinning the Nancy Finn Merino my mother purchased for me from Knit Purl in Portland. I started working on my fleece study,

but it has been pushed to the side temporarily, ever since I went to Color. Then there was a proud mommy/sister moment as my son, and both my brothers spent the day testing in Wing Tsun. Woo Hoo! Brad made level 1 student! My baby bro made level 6 student! and my middle bro well he is level 10-2 now! Closing in on master level one! It was a long day for all, here is a pic of Brad when we got home. In a moment of play, he ran his hands through his hair and put on his step-fathers glasses, LOL!

So after the Color Fiber Festival and learning the basics of carding from Kristine. I broke out some camel/silk I purchased this summer at her studio sale and started to spin.

It is as soft and shimmery as it looks, I also learned. My friend Marie, told me she had been using her left over singles to practice her Navajo Plying, I thought it a stellar idea. So the last bit I had left, I Navajo Plied and I learned something. I like the camel/silk better in a three ply. It is so soft, it does not develop little bumps. In retro spec I wish I had Navajo Plied all of it!

One of my purchases at Color came from Pan's Garden..... Kettle dyed BFL.....with my new carding skills, the above is becoming this.Which I am spinning woolen long draw into this.I see Navajo Plying in it's future! To top everything off BadCat Designs has come up with a new knit for us! Autumn in NY triangle shawl using a long stripping color way like Noro Silk Garden Sock or Kureyon Sock. I am using the Kureyon Sock in colorway S229 A. This is a pic of charts A&B completed. I am currently working on chart C which she posted on Friday.

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