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Shoulder Wrap Pattern

Shoulder Wrap

I would like to state that this pattern is to serve as a guide for your individual creativity. I would hope you will experiment with color combinations, width and length of the wrap and the ruffle to create your own object of art. I combined the first three yarns because I liked the way magic ball added interest. The classic elite added density and bring together the colors of the main piece with the ruffle. The Big Bunz added luscious softness and warmth. These three yarns together made the wrap light and thick at the same time. The bamboo was used for its drape, softness and shimmer.

Big Bunz Angora- ArtFibers 250 yard ball Color 02 7 stitches an inch on size 5
Be Sweet Magic Ball Mohair-African Veldt 120 yards/50g 3 stitches on size 11
Classic Elite Mohair- 6572 underappriciated green –need 120 yards
Be Sweet Bamboo Color 664, 110 yards/50g 5 stitches an inch on size 6

Size 19 Straights
Size 9 40” Circular
Size H Crochet hook
Finished wrap measures 45”x7 ½”

With Angora, Magic Ball & Classic Elite all together CO 15 stitches, using long tail CO.

Knit approx. 110 rows, BO, weave in tails.

Using Be Sweet Bamboo and crochet hook chain along one long edge. Due to size of loops on main piece, insert hook into edge, YO pull yarn through loop on hook and create a chain. There will be approx 3-5 chains in each edge loop of main piece. Approx 158 chains. Transfer last loop on the crochet hook to the size 9 knitting needle. Now pick up all stitches ending with 159 stitches on your needles.

Row 1- Knit all stitches.
Row 2- Purl all stitches.
Row 3- K3 *YO, K9*, repeat 17x’s till 3 stitches remain, K3.
Row 4- P3 * P1 & K1 in YO, P9* Repeat 17x’s, P3.
Row 5- K5 *YO, K11* Repeat till 3 Stitches remain K3.
Row 6- P3 *P1 & K1 in YO, P11* Repeat till 5 stitches remain P5.
Row 7- K7 *YO, K13* Repeat till 3 Stitches remain K3.
Row 8- P3 *P1 & K1 in YO, P13 * Repeat till 7 stitches remain P7
Row 9- K9 *YO, K15* repeat till 3 stitches remain K3.
Row 10-P3 *P1&K1 in YO, P15* repeat till 9 stitches remain P9
Row 11- K11 *YO, K17* repeat till 3 stitches remain, K3.
Row 12-P3 *P1 & K1 in YO, P17* repeat till 11 stitches remain, P11
Row 13- K13, *YO, K19* repeat till 3 stitches remain, K3.
Row 14-P3, *P1 & K1 in YO, P19* repeat till 13 stitches remain P13.
Row 15- (RS) Purl all stitches.
On WS BO in knit. This will prevent the edge from curling.

Use a clasp of choice- I used a metal and bone clasp, with a small double layer of cream colored felt between the two layers for support.
Adorn with buttons, charms or beads. I used a black chain cut into short lengths. I then wire wrapped a pearl on one end of the chain and a crystal on the other end. Then I slid the chain onto an eye pin that I thread through the button back and wrapped to secure it. I then used the wire loop and matching embroidery floss to sew them on .

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