Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Road Trip to Portland

Molly and me, we went on a road trip recently with our man. He needed to go to Oregon for business, the Mini needed a service and well I can never miss an opportunity to see my father and his lovely wife, besides it was days before Mother's Day. So we headed north....First stop to see a job which used tropical hardwood that came from a managed forest.....
Let me back up a minute and say before we arrived to see this job we stayed at a dog friendly place called The Windmill Inn of Roseburg (our half way mark) .
Once we reached Portland it was time for Molly to stretch her up the hill and to one of the most beautiful parks we went....

I love the ferns growing on the trees! Everything is covered in moss.

Molly had lots of fun sniffing and exploring.......

Then off to check in to our Hotel. The Hotel Monaco is also dog friendly and in downtown Portland, I need to add only 5 very walkable blocks from Knit Purl . Knit Purl is a must stop everytime we go to Portland! They have yummy yarn, a wonderful and friendly staff and a knit night on Thursday night, they welcome out of towners to come knit with them. They also have some wonderful workshops.

So as a final here is a pic of Molly enjoying the Monaco....tee hee.

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