Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fingers Are Flying

I finished Pattern 11 of the Summer Sampler!

Here is a close up.
Andrea is back and will soon post Pattern 12, then it's onto the border. I have learned more about lace knitting then I could have ever dreamed I would. My confidence level is growing and I feel great about that. As much as I have loved knitting this shawl, it has been a long knit. I know, I know it teaches patience and focus, but gees, I am wiggling in my chair like a small child. The solution to that, I remind myself, I have a small break before the next pattern, which gives me time to work on another WIP.
Even with all this knitting going on, I am also knitting scarves with my mother. We have purchased each other kits and are now getting together once a week to work on them. The first is a kit call Boa Boa Scarf she brought back from La Lana Wools

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