Monday, September 1, 2008

On The Home Stretch!

I am not a pro photographer, and getting the right light is tricky! In the pictures that follow, the middle one is more true to color, the yarn is a mix of rich blues and periwinkle and I love it! First picture is pattern 12 Field of Corn. Woo Hoo! It is the final pattern of BadCatDesigns Summer Sampler Shawl.
This is the edging pattern, my very first attempt at doing an edging on a shawl. Andrea has been great through this whole process. She has taken the time to hold my hand and help me through the process, because of this I now feel I can tackle any shawl with a border.

Two days ago the corner pattern was released. I am so very glad I decided to put in a life line before attempting the mitered corner! Oh man! Let me tell you, first Molly kept putting her ball under the couch and whining at me to get it, then my husband, kept popping up to discuss political commentary from the morning newspaper, then my youngest son was asking advice and seeking praise for his art class homework, whew! I look down and realize I have twisted stitches and attempt to knit back only to realize I am totally lost and I was half way done! Without hesitation what flew out of my mouth !*&%#$ @#$& #$%^* could have made a truck drive blush! Shame on me! So I ripped back to my life line, got up and took a soothing hot shower and started attempt number two. I am cruising along and I get to row 48 and do a double take and then go back to the charts, I scratch my head, hmmmm, I message Andrea, more contemplation and I do the unthinkable and alter a designers pattern and ask forgiveness. My yarn is heavier and variegated, so I knit back the last row and added a cable. I really like the result.

Now I am knitting up the long side, 315 picked up stitches, I am going to be here a while, maybe a couple of weeks, but I am determined to stay focused and finish this shawl. It will be the largest project of my (so far) short knitting career and I am feeling quite proud of myself. The next post regarding this will to show the beautiful blocking frame my husband is making for me, so I can block this monster without it becoming covered in dog hair.

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