Monday, February 11, 2008

Reason Why Tree Jacket is Still Not Finished

The Sun came out and I emerged from hibernation? You do know some of us Californians melt in the rain, right? Flowers are blooming! Time to garden! I wish that were the reason, well it is partially true, but only in the last week.

It could be......I have attended 3 jewelry courses in January. Each course a fast paced 3 full days of learning at The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. This first picture is a necklace I made after purchasing some beautiful stone beads from the Gem Faire.

The Fine Silver piece I made in the Metal Clay classes I took at The Academy last year.
These earrings are from my Fabrication 1 class. I struggled to get a decent picture, probably a good thing, now you can not see how wobbly the lines really are. These earrings were about learning to use a jewelry saw and how to saw a stright line. Each of the nine holes were pierced with a drill and sawed out. Finger strengh is a virtue with this lesson. If your fingers are not strong, they will be when your done!
Okay! Okay! This may be part of the reason I am not finished with the Tree Jacket. After miles of garter stitch and finishing one sleeve, I just needed a break! A yarn in my stash was calling my name! Whispers on the wind, ohhhhhh Kim knit me, you will love it! knit me, knit me, knit me..................... And so I caved in. The yarn calling me to the needles is by ArtFibers, it is called Tesla, a stainless steel and cotton yarn. The little puffs of soft cotton are dyed different shades of brown and rust colors. I have seen it knit by it's self but I wanted something different. So I increased the needle recommendation of size 11 to size 15. Then I searched for something to add some interest to it. At my LKS I found Rowan Kid Silk Haze. A yarn I have carressed, read about, but have never knit. It is true.... the Mohair, gets all fluffy! Amazinging a tiny yarn can transform it's self that way. I am sure I am boring all the seasoned knitters, but maybe they will smile at my rookie delight and child like enthusiam. The below pictures are not very good, it was the best I could do. The scarf I am making is about 1/2 way done.
See how the Stainless Steel shimmers against the black Mohair?
And last but not least, a picture of my Tree Jacket with one sleeve knit. I have to say I am pleased with myself. This is my first sweater, ever! I love knitting from the top down! Finally a way for me to make sure what I make will be long enough in the arms and body for me! I love it! Now I just have to grin and bear it, buckle down and finish the last sleeve. Maybe lots and lots of coffee can get me through all those garter stitches. It is like driving from California to Las Vegas, miles and miles of boring scenery, and nothing exciting to look at. Don't fall asleep at the wheel, windows down, coffee in hand and music up way high, here we go................................!!!

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