Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stitches West 2008

Friday I attended my first yarn/fiber event. Stitches West held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, see here and here.
I had so much fun! Beautiful yarn was everywhere, it was a treat to the senses. I wish I had remembered my camera, as I stood and watched a woman spinning wool on to the largest bobbin I have ever seen. All the beautiful patterns, yarns, books and very nice people. Many women were wearing items they had knit. For those of you that are veterans, I am sure you are going Uh Ha and hopefully smiling. I was like a child at my first amusement park! It was so difficult to stick to a plan and purchase just what I had intended.
My first stop was Blue Moon Fiber Arts . I have been coveting one of their lace weight yarns called Geisha in a colorway called Valkyrie . I could not buy just one, I knew I needed two, once I touched it. The project in mind for this yarn is by Bad Cat Designs called The Veil of Isis. The pattern is free when you join her yahoo group. I know it is ambitious for a beginner, but I have time and patience on my side. I have to add when it was my turn to pay for my purchase, the women of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, smiled at me and said, " you will see." The look I gave her had a question all over it, the two of them exchanged a glace and then looked at me and said, " How addictive it is!" I could only smile from ear to ear, see I am already addicted!
My next stop was to Belisa Cashmere from Australia, I have not included the link, because it seems to be down. They have a story on how the cashmere goats came to Australia. I swear it is the softest cashmere I have ever touched. They were so nice to talk to! They gave a free pattern for a scarf with the purchase of a skein of yarn. The yarn did not feel as soft as the scarf and I asked if it would change. ( I am a rookie) This woman gathering arm fulls of the yarn turn and looked at, a sparkle in her eyes, she said, "it blooms as you knit it." I was hooked right then and there! next I made a stop I had not intended, the yarn fumes and visual assault broke down my will power! Beacon Yarn Cabin I purchased two skeins of Zephyr Lace weight 50% Merino and 50% Tussah Silk. this yarn is so, so soft! and I purchased from them The Florence Scarves by Fiddlesticks Knitting. They told me they will be live in a month online to sell their yarns and patterns. I then stopped by East Port Yarns where I purchased one small skein of their Alpaca/Merino blend in a colorway called Bayberry. I was taken by Hawk's personality and what a great name. It was the most expensive yarn(per yard) that I purchased, but it is grown, spun and dyed in the USA. Besides when a man glows when he tells you their Alpacas are treated like kings, what is a girl to do, but smile back and reach for yarn! Oh! Deborah Doyle of Asciano FiberArts Tools had the most beautiful wood knitting needles! I had to pet some of them and took one of her cards. Each size has it's own design on top, Stunning! As I made my way to the door, slowly walking by all the books and booths, I thought I was home free, then what do I spy? Tucked away in a corner of the massive space they had for all their books and products, Superfine Prime Alpaca Yarn by Village Spinning and Weaving , I almost drooled on myself. Deciding on one of the un-dyed colors was difficult! I had to have one skein, just one. Alpaca yarn holds a special place in my heart. I knit my very first project out of Alpaca Yarn and I love it. I stood in the longest line to buy that yarn, but it was so worth it, when I hold it in my hands it feels like soft cotton clouds of goodness, mmmmmm.
This picture does not do it justice, but here is Geisha.

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