Monday, February 11, 2008

Yeunny Mear's Beautiful Vests

Finally I have photos of the vests Yeunny made for me. It seems whenever we have a nice sunny day, no one is around to assist me in a photo shoot, so I photographed the vests on my dressform. This first one is shorter. It falls to about my hips. It is Olive Green with a beautiful fern pattern. I love the detail drawings of the ferns and flowers.

This second one is much longer. It falls to my knees and is slit up both sides to my hips. It is a taupe/grey color with black details. It's versatility in my wardrobe is wonderful. I can dress it up or down and combine it with many colors.
If you are ever in the Town of Bodega go visit Yeunny's shop. I am positive you will love what you see.

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