Saturday, October 4, 2008

Good Girl Gone Bad!

I have been trying so hard to stick to my plan, be disciplined, follow through. It has been 10 days since my new wheel arrive, my shawl is still not finished, but I have been practicing spinning on my wheel. I thought I could stick to it, just spin the Corriedale. I was doing well, spinning a heavy worsted weight. three skein I spun and plied into 2 plies. I have 2 lbs of the stuff, gees. Then it started... I decided to spin smaller, just one skein, no big deal, a 2 ply fingerling. Eight bobbins of singles, four skeins of yarn, it was time to take a break, focus on knitting. I made it 2 days and the collapse began....This little voice. You know you want to spin. I ignored it, then I saw a beautiful 2 ounces of Bombyx Silk roving in shades of purple at Llama Llama Knits. I tried to be strong... The little voice came back, you know you want to spin the Merino/Silk in shades of purple,white,burgundy.... I could not take it. I broke out the wheel and spun and spun. Before I knew it I was racing back to the yarn shop and purchasing the Silk.
The Merino/Silk Became this..... and then the Silk..... Voila! I spun the two singles together.
I know I am addicted, I just had to spin. This morning I was checking my stash and worrying, I might run out of fiber. LOL! I know I am being silly. It is just so much fun to spin, I absolutely love it!
Now I can spin some more Corriedale and wait for another 2oz of silk to arrive, so I can spin the rest of the Merino. I only used 1/2 of the 4 oz's I had. Then I will have enough yarn (approx 350 yards) to make something beautiful.

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