Thursday, September 25, 2008

Molly Approves The Sonata

Earlier then expected the door bell rang. Molly runs for the door, as I open the door and see the box, I just smile. Molly could not stop sniffing the box, it did travel through 6 UPS stations to reach us. Trying not to trip over her, I get it inside. Hmmm, small frown, the box was torn open and taped back up, but my hopes are high.

I guess companies don't know that when you put a fragile sticker on a box, USPS & UPS interpret that as drop kick!

I knew it would come nestled in a nice padded case... So out it came.

Since Molly was a pup we have worked with her on her shyness. Sometimes statues scare her and she gets worked up, barking and such. The first time she did that, I have to admit, I laughed so hard I cried..... Anything new has to be thoroughly investigated. First inspection- hmm seems okay.I unwrapped it, more sniffing............

Mom it might be okay, but I can't be sure............

Alright! We can share a chewie with it....................

She almost changed her mind when it started to move..................., so I took this video.

Finally I was able to try my Sonata. I love the smooth treadling. Super easy to stop and reverse direction. So I made my first yarn on a wheel. I am addicted!

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