Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chihuly and Beyond

Last week I went to San Francisco for the day with my mom. She wanted to see the exhibit at the Legion of Honor, when we got there, it was packed. It was not the first Tuesday, which is free and crazy crowded, it was the second Tuesday, what gives? I still don't know why so many people were there. We made a last minute change and dashed for the DeYoung Museum hoping to see the Chihuly Exhibit . Not crowded and we walked right in, being a member, sometimes makes this easy. Well it did not disappoint! It was awesome, breath taking, wow! For me Museums are a venue for creative energy, I find inspiration and renewed interest in designing. So what follows are several photos I took.
These were spectacular! This photo does not do them justice. They are huge! The rooms were black, with spot lights on the glass, my little digital camera can only do so much.

This is the garden. The black and green pieces remind me of swans.

After the museum we headed to Sutter Street, anyone know what is there?...

Upon our arrival we had lunch at Cafe Metropol. It was nice, I have never had a vanilla lemonade before, I really enjoyed the unique taste. This Cafe is just steps away from guessed ArtFibers. I was in search of Triple Cheese Cake for the Nobhill Shrug. I love Artfibers' yarns, but as we all know they get discontinued them quickly. So I was in hunt of a replacement and this came as a suggestion Chanteuse for the body and Udon for the accent. I know, I know I have not finished the summer sampler yet. I have finished the 3rd corner and I am working on the second long side, the finish is in site. I was temporarily derailed, I could not help myself! Just look at this chunky monkey squeezable goodness. The need for something quick and Fall like consumed me. I blame it on the wool fumes, I was weak, just for a moment.

Now back to the Summer Sampler, I swear it will be done soon!

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